Wobble Sticks

Introduction to Wobble Sticks

  • Four different types available
  • Fully UHV compatible
  • Range of standard travel lengths
  • Fully bakeable from +250 ºC to +450 ºC depending on type
  • Edge welded  bellows used for superior performance
  • Pincer grip versions allow easy sample pick up
  • Mechanical hands give increased versatility and transfer capability
  • The conventional version uses a single bellows to give travels in all directions
  • The universal versions use two separate edge welded bellows for extension and angle
  • The pincer grip versions are identical to the universal except for a coaxial shaft running up the centre of the operating shaft which operates a pincer grip assembly
  • The mechanical hand versions use many of the same parts as the pincer grip but with the addition of the torque limiting pistol grip

Wobble sticks enable relatively simple hand operated movements to be transmitted through the wall of a vacuum vessel.  They are supplied on 70 mm OD flanges and are capable of being baked without dismantling.  They are located at all interchange points in the vacuum system where a sample must be transferred between, say, a transport device and a sample holder.

Wobble sticks can also be used as actuators to operate mechanisms inside a vacuum system; for example shutters, adjustment probes, variable orifices or apertures etc.

The wobble sticks are made from stainless steel edge welded bellows sections.  There are four different types of wobble stick as standard.